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2020  Max Blanc relocates to New York to evolve with his Creative Process and discover new horizons

2019  MB Creates The "Guadalupe Queen Of The Universe" Project

2019  The Artist creates " THE BLACK EDITION SERIES " to celebrate his 15th Career Anniversary with a Limited edition of Black Masterpieces

2018  Because of his great love for Art and France, Max Blanc decides to get married at The Louvre Museum in Paris, France 

2017  The Maximus Real Estate Holdings Concept is Born

2016  MB creates "Amor Eterno" a Tribute to Juan Gabriel

2016  Max Blanc presents "The Maximus Basel" on Dec 3rd at 550 feet above sea level at the 50th floor Penthouse Roof-Garden of the W Hotel in Brickell Miami. Live music, 8 DJ's, press and over 600 people while exhibiting artwork with the Miami Skyline as backsplash.


​​​​​2016  MB is interviewed by MiamiTV about MaximusBasel


​​​​​2016  The Artist holds an exhibition with his friends at ALCE Art Gallery in Weston.

​​​​​2016  Max Blanc is invited to be part of "The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists" ArtBook. Official presentation at the Sternberg Palace (Italian Culture Institute and Consulate) in Vienna, Austria. 

​​​​​2016  MB pays homage to his Great Grandfather "LUIS CABRERA"(Mastermind of the Mexican Revolution) with a National Patrimony Portrait. 


​​​​2016  Max Blanc is called to be part of the Carrousel du Louvre exhibit in Paris, France.


​​​2016  MB is invited to receive the International Prize COLOSSEO - Artists in History at The Brancaccio Palace in Rome.


​​2016  The Artist is called to appear in "The XXI Century Art Book" and receive the "Shakespeare In Art Award at the Triennale d'Italia in Verona.

​​2016  Max Blanc is invited to receive the International Prize Tiepolo - Arte Milano at Christie's headquarters Clerici Palace.


​2016  "THE MOUSE PAD"  Opens its doors to the public near Walt Disney World Orlando.

​2016  The Artists is invited by Associazione Socio Culturale EA EDITORE to participate at La Triennale Competition in Palaexpo, Verona. 

​2016   MB is invited to participate at the International Biennale Rivera del Brenta in Mira, Venice.


​2016   The Artist is invited to receive with the International Prize Leonardo DaVinci at the Borghese Palace Florence, Italy.


2015   Max Blanc engages in a new project in Orlando Florida called "THE MOUSE PAD" .

2014    MB is interviewed by Maria-Vision.


2014   MB starts preparing a new private exhibition.


2011   Bus stops, billboards, flags and flyers all over Miami covered with MB's art.


2011   MB is commissioned by Alina Interian to create the 2011 Miami Book Fair International poster, to honor Mexico's 200th Independence anniversary. The  original painting is called "City of Books". Thousands of posters, book dividers, t-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs and thermos were printed and sold along Miami.


2010   MB is commissioned by Arturo Morell and Mario Ernesto Sanchez to create the poster for Miami's  25th International Theatre Festival. The original painting is called "Romance". 


2009   Max Blanc Gallery in Cancun opens its doors.


2008   Cancunissimo Magazine publishes an article about MB.


2008   MB auctions paintings at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami paying tribute to Gloria and Emilio Estefan.


2008   MB presents "UCOLORIT", a new line of custom art.


2008   MB exhibits at the opening ceremony of Casablanca's Art Gallery in Weston Florida.


2008   Galerie Gora in Montreal Quebec invites MB to exhibit his work.


2008   Max Blanc receives an invitation to exhibit in Dubai.


2008   The Artist is asked to exhibit for the launch of the new models by BMW Mexico


2008   MB exhibits and auctions his work in the Nacional Monte de Piedad in Mexico City's Historic Center.


2008   The Tree of Life Foundation International awards MB with a Global Heart Award at The Breakers Palm Beach.


2008   MB exhibits for the board of directors of Arte Americas, the director of Mexico's cultural institute in Miami and Embassador-Consul General Juan Miguel Gutierrez Tinoco.


2008   The Weston Lifestyle Magazine publishes an article about Maximus Blanc.


2008   MB exhibits at the Mexican Consulate in Miami to recognize the Executive Director of the USMCOC.


2007   MB is interviewed on national television by Telemundo.


2007   Maximus Blanc presents an exhibition at "Instituto Cultural de Mexico en Miami" at the Mexican Consulate.


2007   GenTV interviews the artist and promotes his work.


2007   MB presentsa solo exhibit at the Miami International Airport HRH.


2007   INVEST USA Magazine publishes an article about the artist.


2007   MB shows his work and entertains at The Art Spot Gallery in Fort Lauderdale Florida.


2007   World Fine Art Gallery in New York invites MB to exhibit his work.


2007   MB receives the "Young Talent Award" by the Inter American Chapter US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce.


2007   MB recognizes Karla Estada for her work and dedication.


2007   Max Blanc exhibits solo the Coral Gables Country Club in Miami Florida.


2007   MB is recognized and awarded by the "Mex-I-Can" foundation.


2007   MB presents his work in the Rainbow Rhapsody exhibit at the Art Fusion Galleries in the Miami Design District.


2007   The artist exhibits and auctions at the world famous auction house Louis C. Morton in Mexico City.


2007   MB is invited to design The Latin Billboard Music Award.


2007 sends out a Press Release about the artist's work.


2007   The New York Independent Art Festival.


2007   The Grove's Gallery in Coconut Grove shows MB's works of art.


2007   Agela DiBello from Agora Gallery in New York invites Maximus Blanc to exhibit his work.


2007   Max Blanc exhibits in the Dreamscapes in Evolution show in William Bramer's Gallery in the Miami Design District.


2006   MAC Worthington Gallery in Columbus Ohio exhibits Maximus Blanc's artwork all throughout the year.


2006   Waves Art Gallery in Pune (INDIA), invites the artist to participate in an exhibition. 


2005   Max Blanc launches his first works of art through his website.


2004  The journey begins. Maximus Blanc is born in a basement in Dayton Ohio.

P R E C I S I O N    O N   E V E R Y  M A S T E R P I E C E


©  Max Blanc, All Rights Reserved, 2004

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