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Biographies are for the living, as epitaphs are for the dead... 

What is said about them, has rarely to do with who the subject really is. 


Our deeds will be the only trace of what we did...

Whatever is said about them, will be the critics' responsibility. In my case, it's so brief what can be said about me, that I consider more authentic and honest to use the resource of a "self-portrait".

Who I am and what I do, is not my creation...

It is only an interpretation and expression of what God has granted me to be through the path of my life in this world. 

By decision, I pretend to be a citizen of the World... Self-taught... Not for idleness, but for conviction. Without underestimating the skills of others, I have preferred to learn from my own mistakes, which have enabled me to grow with difficulty, but certainty.

Life itself has been my school and the experiences lived by learning from them under the guidance of my teachers, all the people who I've had the privilege of sharing my life with in this "adventure of living".

What sparks my inspiration is the Creative Frustration: that previous suspense to reach the expected and the touching emotion of finding the unimaginable.


Architecture, design, sculpture, photography; its movement in the movies and particularly MUSIC, are disciplines which, a more visual human being, can identify himself with, in contrast to a literary one. 

Nonconformist since childhood, I tend to reject establishment, without quarreling with what has already been given.

-  Max Blanc  -


P R E C I S I O N    O N   E V E R Y   M A S T E R P I E C E


©  Max Blanc, All Rights Reserved, 2004

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