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On December 9th, 2018…


A Mexican-American plastic artist with a very special devotion to

Our Lady of Guadalupe; who, since his beginnings as an artist in 2004,

has dedicated each and every one of his works to Her, was finishing

a limited series of paintings for an exhibition.  Once the last painting of musical instruments was finished, he heard a very soft and sweet yet unknown voice that said:


The artist completely ignored the sweet voice, believing it to be his imagination caused by accumulated tiredness.... Within minutes, he heard the same voice repeating the same thing over and over again in succession.


Night went by... And the next day, the sweet voice was still there repeating

the same thing; to the extent that humanly the artist thought he was going crazy. he continued to ignore that voice until the message changed: 



The Artist, annoyed and desperate, finally decided to listen. As a very rare thing, and much to his regret, he began to fully follow instructions while the sweet voice said:


"I want you to start painting color lines, as I tell you and where I tell you to" (Process totally contrary to the one the painter has applied in his 15-year career). so he decided to listen to Her thinking -


" Well, what's the worst thing that can happen? " -


Once he finished painting the random colored strokes, he stared at the canvas but he didn’t understand anything, the painter only saw random copper strokes and stripes on the canvas, so he thought again: - "I'm definitely going crazy!" -

Within minutes, the sweet voice said, - " Now I want you to start tracing the black outline as you always do and I will guide you..." -


As the work progressed, he began to understand perfectly what it was all about. Two days later, that sweet voice gave very clear instructions: " I want you to take this painting to Father Israel and explain; then, I want you to reproduce this image as large as you can, so it can be placed in my house in Miami ”. (Our Lady Of Guadalupe Catholic Church)

Exactly a year later, on December 8th, 2019, after many setbacks and several mistakes, the painter managed to replicate the image on a large scale; while the original artwork remained at all times at the sacristy of Our Lady of Guadalupe, under Father Israel´s care.


Finally, he decided that the image should be brought to mass production under a scheme in which much of the profits will be destined to help parishes around the world.


Ever since, The artist has been longing and hoping to hear that sweet voice again.

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